Nursing On Raasay

Those who have previously worked as nurses on Raasay say the positives are:-

· The reward of being able to maintain people in their own homes

· Being able to support elderly and vulnerable people

· Having the autonomy to be able to make your own decisions, knowing advice is available from Doctors and Rural Practitioners

· Every day is different

· Having confidence in your own ability to assess situations as they arise

· Seeing rewards of your efforts to improve peoples’ health

· Being able to anticipate outcomes and make the right decision on whether to evacuate or not during the day to reduce night time call outs.

· Working in a beautiful environment

· Ideal for families

· Knowing everyone in the community

· Being an important and respected person in the community

And the challenges to be faced:-

· Living in a small island community

· Dependency on ferries

· Coping on your own until paramedic help arrives

· Keeping skills maintained – with rotation to Skye

· Isolation – the need for regular contact with colleagues and line managers

· Coping with confidentiality in a small community where everyone knows everyone else

· Being on-call at night

Ann Macleod, retired Community Nurse, is happy to be contacted for an informal chat about living and working on Raasay.